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Vered Alon Nol

Painting is a need for me  through which I "breathe more easily."

Usually I am busy with a certain topic for a certain period of time. I explore and study it from different angles, in depth and to the fullest.

Then I pause, observe, check, wait a while and move on to exploring another topic.

The topics become series and provide organized patterns through which I observe and understand the world.

Dealing with series in a plastic language colors and deepens my being.

Even though the way I work may differ from one series to another, it is always my language, it is my world.



vered alon nol

About myself:

I deal mainly with the art of painting. The main techniques I use are a combination of

drawing, acrylic and oil on different formats such as canvas, paper, wood and metal.


My works are mostly figurative, but at times the object tends to expand its form

and even totally disappear. The figure loses its lines and the image becomes abstract.

The abstract appears in my works unconsciously and often in turbulent and difficult

periods in my life, when I am led by emotions, My tool to express them is the paint

brush. Then I express my feelings intuitively and automatically and these lead and

direct my work. While creating, I am in a kind of meditative trance. The colorful spots

are uncontrolled and the textures stem from my subconscious and reflect my emotions

and mood. At the end of the process, the painting is an abstract and expressive nature.


In most other cases my works are figurative, structured and carefully planned. I work

on series which express a topic that occupies my mind and I study it thoroughly from

every possible angle. When I complete one series, I can move on to the next. This is a

repetitive pattern throughout my painting career.


Creating is my tool to explore my surroundings and it colors my life and makes it





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